i track the tag 'lemonaade'
  • Check out my blog? 

Sure, but it’s not a guarantee I will follow back!

  • Do you follow everyone back? Follow 4 follow?


  • Why the unfollow?
Here are some reasons I may have unfollowed you:
1. Don’t like the things you post anymore 2. My blog changed/your blog changed 3. You haven’t been posting for a long time.
  • Can you promote me? 
No, if you want to get promoted by me, reblog my promos!
  • double promo/p4p?
We both have to be following each other. I sometimes put up a post asking to like it if you would like to do one.
  • Can you do a promo game?

Yes! Just message me you want one.

  • Vote for me?

Sure, just message me the url to vote :D

         ** I do not tell my followers to vote for you unless I’ve talked with you or you belong to the Clique
  • Rate my blog?
Of course, just message you want me to rate your blog!
  • Could you give me advice to make my blog better? Like/Dislike?
Yes! You guys can always message me these questions. I will always respond but I may take a while to answer back. 
  • Where did the promos go?
I always erase them in 5-15 mins. They fill out my blog!
  • Who did my banner?
ex-pose <3
  • Do you have any other blogs?
Yes, this one is my other blog.
  • Want to get my attention?
          Tag "lemonaade" 
Oh, 1 more thing… I have the unfollower tracker :)